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U.S. Scientists Not Allowed Into China to Investigate Coronavirus: Pompeo

Pompeo has been among the administration's most vociferous China critics, and has fallen in line behind President Donald Trump in blaming Beijing for the COVID-19 pandemic.
Tech & Science

Air Pollution Has Fallen Significantly in Nine Major Global Cities

Lockdown measures across the world have led to large decreases in vehicle traffic and industrial activity.

Mike Pence Says 'We're Past the Peak' of Coronavirus

The head of the White House coronavirus task force told The Wall Street Journal that he was encouraged by a decrease in cases in major metropolitan areas.

Democrats Condemn DeVos' Decision to Bar DACA Students From COVID-19 Relief

"Immigrants are many of the frontline workers, putting their lives at risk every day to keep the rest of us safe," said Rep. Barbara Lee.

Governors Could Get $500 Billion in Coronavirus Aid—If Bill Passes Congress

The Cassidy-Menendez proposal would create a $500 billion fund to help state and local governments respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Weathering the Perfect Storm

COVID-19 is not our only enemy. While the world confronts a pandemic, our critical infrastructure is vulnerable to cyberattack. Read this new report on where the weak points are and how to strengthen defenses against terrorists and cyber-criminals.

World's Best Hospitals 2020

Newsweek partnered with Statista Inc. to rank the leading hospitals in 21 countriesSPONSORED INSIGHT

Who Leads the Field in Dependency Treatment in 2020?

When seeking guidance on beating an addiction, there are many things to consider. Where do you go to ensure that you will not just turn the corner, but keep carrying on down the right road for the rest of your life? Find out more.Top Story


As the White House drew fire for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, senior adviser Jared Kushner was setting the wheels in motion to create a ventilator and PPE exchange program. His former college roommate, Adam Boehler, "one of the best innovators in health care," was tapped to lead it.

Culinary Union Thanks Nevada Governor for Response to Vegas Mayor's Remarks

The leading union in Nevada also said it did not want its workers to be "part of an experiment" when they returned to work.

Coronavirus Could Be Here 'Permanently,' Says Top U.K. Adviser

Dr. Jeremy Farrar told Newsweek a vaccine that offers protection for even 12 months "would be a massive breakthrough."

'China's Worst Nightmare': Why Kim Jong Un's Health is a New Headache

Reports of Kim's deteriorating health will be unwelcome to the Chinese president, who is already grappling with diplomatic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

Health Worker With COVID-19 Symptoms Dies After Being Refused By Hospital

At least 9,282 health care personnel in the U.S. have been infected with the novel coronavirus and at least 27 have died, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Trump Orders Some Immigration Suspended, Claims Order Blocks All Immigrants

The president signed an order which suspends the issuance of new Green Cards to anyone outside the U.S. for the next two months.

FCC Warns of Text Scam Offering $30K in Coronavirus Relief

The scam is also just one of many that have proliferated during the epidemic, preying on people's financial and health fears.

Coronavirus Changed Most Americans' Minds On Immigration, Polls Show

The coronavirus has changed a lot about life in the United States and the attitudes of its citizens. One that has changed is Americans' appetites for major restrictions on immigration from other countries, an analysis of polls shows.

Americans Shouldn't Expect More Money from Congress Anytime Soon: McConnell

Citing the soaring national debt from several coronavirus relief packages, Mitch McConnell says another one won't be passing his chamber anytime soon.

Testing Sewage for Coronavirus Could Help Predict Future COVID-19 Outbreaks

Researcher tested wastewater in France for their study.

Nazis Hijack Holocaust Remembrance Event on Zoom, Show Porn, Hitler Image

A virtual remembrance event featuring Holocaust survivors was suspended after anti-semitic protesters crashed it with racially charged and obscene images

Only 1 Percent of U.S. Population Has Been Tested for Coronavirus

Less than one percent have been tested for the virus in both Texas and California.Heroes of the Pandemic Pandemic HeroesTeenagers Shop for the Vulnerable During Coronavirus Emergency"I almost cried," said a user of Six Feet Supplies, a charity started by teenagers who shop for those susceptible to COVID-19. Pandemic HeroesTennessee Group Makes Coronavirus Face Masks for Local, International Use"We're not selling anything," Sacco said Tuesday. "Every single bit of this is donation-only or nothing." Pandemic HeroesOrganizer Helps Rebuild New York's Filipino Community Hit by COVID-19"When this whole thing started what kept me up at night is the possibility of mass casualties in our community," Riya Ortiz told Newsweek.Culture & Travel Jane GoodallA Conversation With Jane Goodall on the Pandemic and Hope for the PlanetGoodall talks to Newsweek about the pandemic, her new documentary and the most important message she hopes her life's work leaves behind. Earth day13 Spectacular Photos of the Planet From the Lens of a Travel PhotographerAs we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a travel photographer looks back on her favorite photos she's taken around the world. TravelThese Underwater Art Exhibits Are Helping to Save Our OceansBritish eco-artist Jason deCaires Taylor creates eerie undersea worlds that blend sculpture and marine life, creating havens for coral to regenerate and new ecosystems to thrive.OPINION
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